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Metalhead II: Special Edition

by Drex Wiln

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My heart if it still beats Covered with darkness for many years Didn't want to cause you pain I'm trapped in my cage And I don't know how to get out I don't wanna feel my rage to yourself No! I'm not a killer. No! I'm not a criminal I've just been cruel to his beloved people I ask everyone to forgive me I ask everyone to listen to me Liberate in my mind Give me a reason not lie to yourself Because my heart is breaking Liberate in my mind Give me a reason not lie to yourself I want to leave my life in the past We often look for excuses But not trying to suppress the pain Build a useless illusion What the fuck? we're talking to yourself and you're not even trying to understand The only problem is us! Open your eyes to the truth You still have a chance to fix it Maybe you were just very young Trying to saturate your life with selfishness You need to forget your past mistakes and start to life again Soon you will understand, but for now you must strive to overcome this pain You can blow away this dust Fight for your life It's not easy... But you have to! Just forget this past
This song dedicated to teenagers, over which abused You have had a hard life, like me Let me pluck out your feelings out your head Ready... Everyday for me like a hell Life has given me only continuous fail What a fuck i do? Why did you spoil my life? I stand are on edge! Do you want my suicide? Fuckyou! What makes you think I'm not serious I'll make you all a voodoo figures I will tear off parts of your body No fucking spell! you all burn in my hell You will die burn in hell "Why are you different?" Because you're a bastard "Why are you different?" Because you're retarded What of a fucking question? You Idiot Better shut your mouth Until it was worse What's the problem bitch? you are too cocky! Do you still not understand? Today is you lucky! Because I rip your guts out and wound on your dick You still don't understand bitch? I'm madness sick! DIE! Every fucking day I'm trying to keep my anger DIE! After a long pain Yeah.. Don't expect mercy from me Everyone wants to be in a ruthless domination Everyone wants to be leader of the herd Everyone wants to make a bloody revolution Everyone here thinks he is the king and God But not now God is Dead I can't stand it anymore I can't see your faces I can't stand it anymore Now I'm fearless Die! enough Just keep it in mind Revenge does not solve anything This keep in only head
Father, open down to me Give me strength to be free This time for amalgamation, amalgamation It was your mistake This time for Abomination, Abomination My truth not a fake This time for beginning of Satan To you I'm just crazy This time for beginning of Satan But time will come Hell on the earth Father will tear you to pieces Only down my long road In order to gain freedom I will drink your blood And we will change the world And only a black stripe of life And the eternal dark night Father show me the way This Cold Day, Cold Day A Cold Day, Cold Day in Asylum A Cold Day in Asylum Amalgamation! You in cage with me! You can never be free! About you will not remember in heaven Hear me your sucker? Our brothers is coming! Ave Satan! Ave Satan! Why do you keep me here, if you are still going to die Why are you so easily perceive reality is based in lies What? Can solve your pills, when life is already lost We have the freedom and you turn into dust! There is no sense in waiting for death Our father will torture you until last breath This culture, This system rots underground I'm give you a chance to hear last sound of this world
I trying to fight with his stupidity I know that revenge is not the solution But no way back No way back Now I'll be quiet Let them say our blades Forgive me dear I'm sorry that I'm late I can't leave I can't accept this fate He's not a samurai He's just a coward But I still able to this change I can't close my eyes Now i want revenge Wait! What about your samurai honor? Doesn't matter to me Revenge does not solve anything it's too late Wait! You'll become, become a murderer Doesn't matter to me I don't want to lose you Don't worry, will help me hidden blade I don't care what his rank I don't care what's inside He has long been shrouded in evil His coward to go fight with me This will be last battle No one will know hidden blade will help me I'm sorry honey, I gotta go Sometimes we have to sacrifice Sometimes we just have no choice Sometimes we just fail to realize To realize when we lose love You're above than my honor
I don't know where leads my road But this rhythm flows is in my blood You feeling, I can easily enter in your life When I hear this music, I want to fly Heavy metal will live a very long time I play guitar and will never die Yeah! I will never die I heard someone fart Ohh it was you Why don't you stop crying, because I win Your fucking shit is no different from other shit - What the fuck are you? My name is Drex Wiln I have many years of watching you And you don't even want to change What you talking about? Some metalhead fuck with old school Some metalhead just make me rage You progressivegays motherfuckers I Love Heavy Metal But for me it is not the law I just want to be free in their creativity I Love Heavy Metal But for me his it is not authority My music is not affected by stability Common Yeah - Yeah! What do you say faggot? (Solo Guitar) Lick My Pick (Solo Guitar) What are you telling me? Chicks love me! Can't you see? They me feel I thought you bang-bang in ass with men Anyway, I will not extend you my hand Sucker... Сocksucker, you didn't expect? Your dad probably fuck it up You don't get from me respect hear baby? Just listen to what I do
White Widow 07:25
I tried to overcome overcome this pain I tried to hide my tears under the rain At such moments, it is hard to realize the reality And that those memories were gained immortality Widow thankyou! You gave me a chance to open my eyes Maybe Without you I could understand Save me! Save my mind in purity Save my confidence Save my life Only with you can I be sure that I will not die I had no reason to continue I stood on the edge of the abyss I was ready to kill myself but soon... I met you and you hugged me Easy the cold from green rose Smell of the color on my eyes My Flower of Life Touch the hands of the universe That's what I feel with you
Us not be stop Your our little people Give us your blood Children hiding in their rooms We not be stop We are becoming more You have Join us or be eaten by worms Hear latest moon cradle Don't scream and don't try to resist Let me tell you one fable And get an unexpected twist Run! While are you protected moonlight Hear me mortals! Just run! While are you protected moonlight Or be one of us This requires rotten blood in our veins We are ready to decide your fate We become more and more! We break your fucking masquerade Run! While are you protected moonlight Hear me mortals! Just run! (You better just run) While are you protected moonlight We are your creepy monsters! RUN! While are you protected moonlight We will find you! Just run! While are you protected moonlight Or be one of us
Бесконечность потребления, труд рождает унижение Разрывая на куски последние плоды стремления Дуют "нормой жизни" в уши, слепят взоры "Развлечением" Ставят сети, вяжут руки, надо кончить эти муки. Они считают, что войной можно добиться мира Ведь все проблемы тут решают только грубой силой Ложь! Полирует зубы, лишь добавляет им стимул Они пойдут на все, чтоб сделать из тебя дебила (чтобы сделать из тебя дебила) Не надо Думать как они, Делать как они Думать как они, Делать как они (Слышишь) Думать как они, Делать как они Думать как они, Делать как они Зачем нам все это, кому это нужно Искусственность вражды, вырывается наружу На каждом лице, невинных страданий Бесконечность смертей, одно лишь недопонимание Мы тратим жизни время, чтоб продержаться дольше За нас решают сверху, но ведь нас на много больше Начало новых поколений, одни разбитые мечты Написаны их кровью, знания лжи. Нас научили верить фактам, верить личностям из вне Нас научили делать то, что будет выгодно ему Всегда должны платить за то, что не должны мы никому Давится тем что есть, стабильно проживать дерьме Стабильность процветает, прогресс стоит на месте Нет ни доверия, нет смысла делать что-то вместе Есть только враг - врагов - вражда - иллюзия обмана Делают вид, что ничего здесь никому не надо (Ничего и никому) Чего мы хотели, чего мы добились, к чему стремились К слепой поставленной цели, кому-то сверху молились Решили - раз нету власти, а значит вовсе нет смысла - решать проблемы глобально и напрягать свои мысли Мы выбираем только цвет и забиваем свой разум Мы строим стены от всех, кого считаем заразой Сошли со стада овец - вступили в стадо волков Но тут разницы нет... Ты слышишь, их голос - они крадутся к мясу! Они сожрут твой мозг, успей прожить жизнь на свободе! Наш мир, ослеп, нас загоняют в угол. Пойми Не стоит делать больно, уже больной природе. Открой глаза, смотри что стало с нашим миром... Смотри как люди загоняют себя в могилу... Стоят на месте смирно и ждут спасенья свыше Но выше только тьма, никто вас не услышит. Не надо думать как они! Делать как они! Видеть, как они! Слушать что они тебе говорят! Только ты изменишь мир Будь самим собой
Unborn 08:51
Don't go It's not too late Don't go It's only your fate Each of us catches A random darkness You fell into the trap But I will help you get out Close your eyes Take a deep breath World is full of lies World is full of deaths You made your choice Embrace your truth I don't blame you I forgive you He will suffer for you He will be sorry that ruined your life He has nothing to forgive He has nothing to lose He will only suffer He will only suffer He won't hurt you It's not too late It's just your fate Let me press your hands to me Let me take your pain I don't want you to gone In you still have the flame


Multi Metal Project

*Remastered - New Sound
*Instrumental Version
*Digital Booklet


released May 7, 2017

Special Vocalist: Hellen Solveig
Music & Lyrics: Drex Wiln
Mixing, Mastering & Designer: Drex Wiln

Producer by Drex Wiln

Release Number: DWRP-020

2017 © DWRP Underground Label


all rights reserved



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