by Blacknack

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released April 14, 2014

Music & Lirycs: Drex Wiln
Mixing & Mastering: Drex Wiln

Producer by Drex Wiln

Release Number: DWRP-014

2014 © DWRP Underground Label



all rights reserved


DWRP Russia






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Track Name: Servants
How many more curses God tells us?
How long will you eat them smelly Shit?
They think that you are insignificant Mass
You still waiting for a painful death

How worms in brains
Devour your soul
And we just dance
On your rotten bones

Let's feed them shit their bitches
Say your last pathetic wishes
It takes only some instants
Your only gods, but we are just servants!

We are weaker but we know
We arrange bloody show

They have all the aces in the deck
They believe that we are just sick
While you search for the meaning of life
While they are rigidly fuck your wife (huh)

We Are Legion!

We will eat you to the bone
You will suffer until rises the sun
Then we strangle your parents
Your only gods, but we are just servants!
Track Name: Road Blind Dead
Bare feet on the glass Walking the Streets
And these brutes celebrate victory
They're just like we are made of meat
It's time we start a new history
Beat quickly, quietly and silently
Without them we will have a great immortality

On the way we go on a bloody battle
Get ready! will make its way to the castle
You will never experience such emotions
We're getting close! We're almost at your destination!

Road Blind Dead

Whose stomach will taste better?
Where less than all the crap
But we will discuss later
Take a gun, I personally take your scrap

Inside only revenge!
For clean brains!

One and fight for us the illusion
Two fog obscures our vision
Three, we do not need motivation
Four, arrange global destruction
Track Name: Infected Dirty Faith
Time, when the fog came down to earth, civilization collapsed in the bloody abyss. And people have nothing left but faith. Now we are! Infected Dirty Faith

Last gasp of pure brain
There comes a dirty day
Only clean their blood
And keeps the blame Gods

Remained but ashes
As soulless machines
Where do we go now
Faith turned into law

АMEN! Scoring head holy lie
They give our children die
АMEN! Destroy your mind tricked
The road to freedom is locked!

No creatures forgiveness
And where is your kindness
Their plan fucking useless
And I still faceless

I will help your intestines
I will destroy weakness
Even if we survive
In any case we die!

Even for a moment
Breathe the taste of freedom
Will not sheep
And turn into wolves

Spits lie mouth
But we know the truth
Track Name: We Will Meet Again
When was the last time I saw God
Brains do not give remember
It was awful, dirty, too easy
After all, it's clean, and I was a murderer

I took people on the bloody battle
How are you Jack? Ready to kill them?
Do not be shy, I have knives
They will save your children

We! We are All!
We reduce own pain
We are All!
Cleanse their brains
We are All!
This life we will regain
And you gods
We Will Meet Again
Track Name: Heart Deceitful Creature
Through clouds of egoism
I'm trying to find a way out
Through the corpses of saints
I destroyed their law

I was looking only you
You gave life to my brain
Now I want your flesh
To reduce its pain

You my pain!

With you I will do a better world!
We will save the servants and kill gods!

Heart Deceitful Creature
For me the only torture
But maybe later
I can understand

Stop eating my soul
I'm not your doll
I just feel like fall

Feelings tearing my flesh
I can no longer tolerate
Track Name: Until The Last Piece Of Meat
Feast! Blood Feast!
Today is a day of free servants
The last day when we enter into battle

For pure brain! for pure land!
Eat their wives, their lustful hands

We are servants!
Former prisoners of lies
We are servants!
We will never die!

You gods!
Will suffer forever
You gods!
Do not kill us never

Drink! Bay! Drink! Bay!
We can do this every day
But there was some unfinished business
Will close their flesh in the darkness

Drink! Bay! Drink! Bay!
We can do this every day
We'll fuck them, we will beat
Until The Last Piece Of Meat

Drink to the bottom of their blood
Eat the flesh of the gods
Tomorrow is our the last day
Staged a bloody gods flood

You! Piece Of Meat!
Track Name: Clear Field Of Blood
It's been many moments
You were hoping for a horror
It had been many events
And headed fucker Emperor

Should not escape
Already too late!
An Open fucker gates
Show you how to hate

And there is no way back!

I do not hear a cry and do not see the tears
I forgot my pain, I forgot all fears
I'm still waiting for when you start to attack
But not now, father gave me blacknack

Satan has given the freedom to choose
All about you now, have nothing to disclose
Finish the fight until the floods
And it will be a clear field of blood

Blood flows through the rusty skin
Our actions are transformed into sin
Understand your step, know the action
Turning now to the illusion

Your position in this world - wrong

Just close your eyes for a moment
Count to three bitch! will be destroyed
Destroy all of you, false god-like scum
This throw everything and just run